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Zero BS CRM Shortcodes

This article covers what shortcodes are available in Zero BS CRM. The short answer is “not a lot” here’s why.

Zero BS CRM and shortcodes

Since Zero BS CRM is a back-end admin tool, there’s very few shortcodes that Zero BS CRM produce for use.

Shortcodes are functionality of plugins (and themes) to be able to control the output on the front-end of a website without having to input complex HTML and CSS in the ‘Text’ of the editor.

That being said, we do have the following front end areas of Zero BS CRM

Client Portal

The Client Portal doesn’t run from a shortcode however, it runs from ENDPOINTS of your site.


Forms are the only part of Zero BS CRM that use shortcodes. These are of the format [[zbs_form id=”44068″ style=”simple”]] where id is the ID of the form and style is whether you want a simple form, a naked form (whit woo) or a content grab form (to capture notes, the sytle-name of that is ‘cgrab’


Hopefully this helps to explain how Zero BS CRM is used with shortcodes. If you have any suggestions for shortcodes you can contact us via the submit a ticket form

Updated on May 9, 2018

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