Zero BS CRM Forms

Zero BS CRM comes with Lead Generation Forms built in. Using these forms you can capture data into your CRM and start automatically capturing leads.

Default Field Settings

Form Styles

The Zero BS CRM built in forms come with 3 style choices. This gives you flexibility to have either a Naked Style giving a simple First name and Email option.

The other options are Content Grab (to use as a way to collect additional information such as your message). Finally there’s a simple style which simply collects emails.

How do I add more fields?

It’s been proven that asking for too much information on forms leads to lower form completion rates. That’s why we only offer 3 types of form. Zero BS CRM built in forms also tracks the conversion rate of each form, as well as logging in the customer log exactly which form that user came from.

But I REALLY want more fields

You can. However for this you’ll need to use one of our form integration extensions. The number of form integrations we are building continues to grow. Check out our extensions page to see what form plugins are supported by the CRM.

Updated on July 2, 2017

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  1. is there a way to redirect them to a new page after clicking submit?

  2. I need to store the data of a Contact Form to a new Quote entry with custom fields. Is this possible?

  3. Can I receive an email when someone fills out a form? I see that the message goes into the activity log on the contact record.

    1. Hi Lou

      With Automations you can set it up so when you have a new lead (via a Form) it can email you as admin.

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