Zero BS CRM and Registration Magic

This short guide covers what this extension does and what you need to do to start using it. Registration Magic is a great way to improve on the default WordPress user registration page, letting you add all kind of nifty additions.

Follow along below to setup additional fields for WP registration, which can now automatically get pulled into your Zero BS CRM contacts:

Registration Magic Setup:

Registration Magic is a plugin which lets you capture more fields on registration than the standard registration form.

Zero BS CRM setup

If you want to collect more information on user registration, and you’re using Registration Magic to do this, all you need to do is make sure your custom fields match the registration form fields.

We automatically capture the email field and first and last name fields as well as billing fields into the contact address.

We support the collection of any TEXT fields into Zero BS CRM custom fields. All we require is that your custom fields match your form text field ID

e.g. if your custom field is call Food Preference then your custom field slug (in teal) will be food-preference

Your registration magic field for Food Preference Label would need to match this (so label your registration magic form field as Food Preference)

Capturing Company Information

If the billing field has a value for “company” then we’ll also create and assign a company as part of the sign up (you’ll need to have the CRM B2B mode selected for this).

Updated on February 6, 2019

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