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Your Zero BS Contact List

So, you have your contacts in your CRM and are looking at your contact list. This is the central area of your CRM and this article delves into what is possible with this list.

Your Zero BS CRM Contacts

The list gives you an overview of your contacts in the CRM. You can filter by tags, run searches and even decide which columns you want to see in the list.

Clicking the blue settings icon at the top right opens up the Column Manager. This is where you can control which columns to show in the table.

Search, Filters and Tags












You can filter the contacts based on the tags you’ve setup and applied, or via the statuses you’ve defined for the contacts.

Bulk Operations

There’s also the ability to add tags in bulk, or remove tags. You can even delete your contacts in groups (if you wanted to prune your list for whatever reason)

That covers the contact list view and what you can do with it.  It’s central to your CRM management and a tool you should be using day in day out.

Updated on May 9, 2018

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