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WooSync imported all Customers as Lead Status

In WooSync, if you do not set the settings to map your orders (as shown below) all contacts imported will be added with status = default (and default status = Lead)

Choose Order Status Mappings

This is in the CRM so that you can define which of your custom statuses you want to map the WooCommerce order statuses too. This is useful for tracking contacts through your funnel and seeing whether there’s any bottle neck at a particular status (e.g. processing)

Once you’ve set these up, you should then sync your store to Zero BS CRM (you can also choose to tag the contact with the item name).

You can edit your customer status options via Zero BS Settings -> Custom Fields tab

Accidentally sycned before mapping

You may have accidentally synced your store before mapping and all your contacts come into the CRM as Leads (when in reality there a mix). You cannot bulk change statuses from the contact list but you can re-run the order sync by clicking the link below (after mapping your statuses in the settings)

This will not duplicate any orders but it will update your customers to have the correct status relevant to their order.

Updated on October 5, 2018

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