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Why has my WordPress Menu Disappeared

Looking for a Quick Fix?

Want to get your menus back quickly? See this guide.

Zero BS CRM Menu Choices

Zero BS CRM comes with some menu choices for how you want to operate the CRM with your WordPress install. This article covers why you might want to use each style (and which we prefer to use)

Zero BS Override.

This is ‘CRM Only’ in the Zero BS CRM Admin settings under menu choice.

This menu option REMOVES all of the normal WordPress Menu items. You might want to use this layout option if you’re running just the CRM on your site.

Zero BS Slimline

The Zero BS Slimline Menu, this option KEEPS all the normal WordPress Menu items. It removes the top level menu items for Zero BS CRM and collapses them down under its own top level menu item.

Navigating around the CRM will be harder in this setting than if you had set it to CRM Only but the Zero BS CRM navigation dashboard (shown below) is available in all modes and will help you get around the CRM.

Zero BS & WordPress

The final option is Zero BS CRM and WordPress. It’s a combination of the first and second mode. It KEEPS all of the Zero BS CRM top level menu items (such as Customers, Quotes, Transactions).

It also keeps all of the normal WordPress menu items.

This mode will make it the easiest to navigate around all the features of the CRM, however it might make your WordPress admin area look a bit cluttered.

This might not be your preference, but we’ve found it the easiest layout to get the most out of the CRM.

Updated on August 11, 2017

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