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What is the ZBS Task Scheduler

Zero BS CRM is a great tool for managing your customers. One thing we’ve been asked a lot about is the ability to be able to follow up (or set yourself reminders to follow up) with customers.

Zero BS CRM Task Manager

Enter the Zero BS CRM Task Manager. This feature was added to the Core in version 2.10.6+ (21st July 2017). It adds a new top level menu to your ZBS CRM and allows you to add what we are calling ‘Tasks’ to your CRM

What are ‘Tasks’

This is what you add to the Calendar view, there’s many terms for this which could have fit (for example, appointment, meeting, actual event, etc).  So we decided to use the word ‘Task’ to cater for all of the above

You can ‘Add New’ events and these will show up on the Task Scheduler.

How do I add an Event?

Adding a Task is straightforward. Once you click “Add New” you’re taken to the following screen

This is where you complete the information needed to populate the event.

Task Title

This is the name of your Task, it is what will show up on the Calendar View.

Task Time

This is where you fill in the start and end date and time of the event. This is important as it determines where it shows up on the Calendar. It’s useful if you want to set a “due date” for your tasks.

If you want a full day task set it the start time to 00:00 and the end time to 00:00 the following day.

Assign to CRM User

You can assign the Event to a CRM user. This will then be used to trigger the notification via email that their event is about to start (24 hours before it’s due).

Assign to Customer

If you want to flag that this event is related to a customer, you can assign the event to a customer. The customer will not be notified.

This is useful if you want to set reminders to follow up with a particular customer at a certain time.

Notification Options

The Calendar Functionality allows you to set whether you want an email notification to be issued to the CRM user before the event is about to start

Reminders are only set if the event has not been marked as Completed. If the Event is completed it moves off the Main Calendar onto the ‘Completed Tasks’ calendar view.

Updated on May 28, 2018

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