Overview of Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is a full CRM which is operated from within your WordPress Admin area. There’s no need to login to 3rd Party services. Everything is within your admin dashboard. Use ZBS CRM to

Manage your Leads and Customers
Send and Manage Quotes
Send and Manage Invoices
Manage Transactions
Generate Leads with lead forms
Send targeted Email Campaigns

Unlike other WordPress CRM’s out there, we DO NOT require you to create a new WordPress user for each customer in your CRM. Manage your Leads and Customers without bloating your WP Users table (and without giving your customers admin panel access).

Got a team?

No problem. Other CRMs out there either require you to ‘pay for their seat, per month’ or requite that you allow them to be WordPress Admin Level. ZBS CRM gives you CRM only team roles which simplify the use of your CRM and only gives your team access to what they need (and not everything).

B2B Mode?

If you deal with contacts at Companies, Zero BS CRM has a Business to Business mode where you can create Companies, then group your contacts under a Company. This helps group your CRM and you can see who sits under any company easily. No more searching your whole Contact list.

Zero BS CRM Full Feature Comparison

We’ve compared all the features of Zero BS CRM and put them into this handy comparison table. We’ve compared the CRM to the top CRM’s currently available for WordPress. Read the detail here.

Updated on July 2, 2017

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