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Is Zero BS CRM compatible with WIX? or Standalone?

Zero BS CRM is built upon WordPress, it’s not compatible with WIX, but many users choose to have a kind of “stand-alone” install by installing just WP + ZBS on a separate domain or subfolder (e.g. crm.yourdomain.com) – this keeps the CRM totally separate and seems to work for a lot of users (and on 99% of web hosts).

Ultimately 27% (as at 2019) of the internet is run on WordPress. We’ve seen many other ‘platforms’ come and go, but WordPress has stood a fantastic test of time & is still getting better. We fully back WordPress in this way and are confident you’ll never look back from the WP + ZBS combo.

From v2.0 you can also fully override the base WordPress menus (if you’d like) – read more on our WordPress override mode page.

Updated on February 22, 2019

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