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The main settings for the Invoicing Pro extension are added to the Invoice Builder if you’re using PayPal there’s also some additional settings you need to make sure are enabled in your PayPal account.

First up, the general ZBS CRM Invoicing Pro settings are nice and simple. It just needs your PayPal email.

Which enables your invoices to be Paid Online using PayPal as the payment process. However for Zero BS CRM to process the transaction and mark the invoice as paid, you need to make sure that you’ve told PayPal to send payment notifications.

If you don’t enable IPN in your PayPal account the invoice payment will still go through, however you’ll need to update the status manually and create the transaction. It’s best to enable the IPN and let Invoicing Pro do the transaction logging and assignment to the invoice.

PayPal IPN Settings

The Pay with PayPal button has the notify_url set so that PayPal knows where to post the notification of a successful payment to. However this will not happen if you don’t have IPN enabled in your PayPal Account

1.) Login to your PayPal Account

2.) Then go to Profile and then Profile Settings

3. Then choose Selling Preferences and then IPN settings

4. Make sure Receive IPN is turned ON

It doesn’t matter what you have in your ‘Notification URL’ since Invoicing Pro will over-ride this with its own URL to send notifications to. The important thing is to make sure you have enabled IPN messages to be sent.

Recurring Invoices

Invoicing Pro v1.2+ has the option to issue invoices with recurring payments. With PayPal this is handled through the use of adding a PayPal Subscription button to the invoice, rather than a PayPal checkout button. The flow of accepting a PayPal subscription payment and how the invoice will change is described below:-

  • You create an invoice in the usual way
  • You choose whether the invoice is recurring or not
  • If it is recurring, you choose:-
    • The Period between each cycle. e.g. Bill every 1, 2, 3 …
    • The Cycle you can choose this to be either Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Once the first payment has been made (i.e. the Subscription setup) then the invoice marked as paid
  • When viewing the Invoice in your CRM admin a ‘Partials‘ table will show which will have assigned the transaction to the invoice.
  • When subsequent payments are made, these will be added as standalone transactions

To capture future payments in the subscription against the customer you should be running PayPal Sync which will capture these and assign them to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test the PayPal setup before making it Live?

We’ve not built in sandbox mode for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the IPN in sandbox mode isn’t as reliable as in live mode. It takes a while for IPN notifications to come through in sandbox and often this may be mistakenly seen as the extension isn’t working as advertised

I’m in LIVE mode and still not seeing IPN notifications?

Sometimes even in LIVE mode they can take a bit of time to come through (despite the name, they’re not always instant) however it may be that there’s an issue with the delivery of the IPN. To see whether this is the case you can head over to your PayPal IPN history page ( to view the status of your IPNSs. If they show as queued then it’s just PayPal being slow.

If they show as Retrying then something has gone wrong with the PayPal hander. While we haven’t had this issue in our tests, it may be possible other plugins could interfere so always test using a standard WordPress Theme and with other plugins disabled (expect the Zero BS CRM plugins + extension family). If you still see problems after testing on a ‘standard’ install please open a support ticket.

I don’t have PayPal. How can I use this extension?

We offer PayPal and Stripe as the payment gateways. If you don’t have PayPal the other option available to you is Stripe. If you don’t use PayPal or Stripe and would like to discuss additional payment gateways for online payment please open a support ticket.  At the present time we don’t have plans to build in support for more gateways, however we will log any requests and if they mount up we’ll look to build in support.

Updated on July 2, 2017

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