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How to use Custom Fields in Zero BS CRM

Here’s a quick guide on using Custom Fields in Zero BS CRM. This is the first version of the custom fields manager, and will be replaced by an improved custom fields editor in Q1 of 2018, (which’ll be even easier to use).

How to add a custom field

  1. Log into your WordPress and go to ‘Zero BS CRM -> Settings’ from your WordPress menu
  2. From the menu on the top left of settings, select “Custom Fields”
  3. From this screen you can add or update any number of custom fields against: Contact, Address, Companies, and Quotes. Note: Adding fields to the “Address” section adds them to anywhere you see Addresses in Zero BSCRM.

What Field name does my custom field use?

As per the page for all contact field names, Contact Custom Fields get a fieldname (key) when they’re created. You can see this key from the Custom Fields screen, under “Source” in a teal-coloured label.

These are usually permalink-style.


"Food Preference" as a label would make the key:

Updated on November 6, 2018

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  1. How do I populate custom fields with information captured via Gravity Forms?

  2. How to import csv data into checkboxes type field?

    1. This isn’t currently possible in v2.99.x of ZBS CRM – we’ll keep this request in mind for future releases.

  3. Hello, I can not find a way, how to filter / segment based on custom fields.
    Is it possible?

    It seems they are only a read only set of data on contact page, which is useless 🙁

    1. Hi Arnie,

      This is indeed achievable, via Advanced Segments – where you can make segments & filters using custom fields.

      All the best


    1. Yes, we’ve thousands of users using the CRM without extensions, and in fact 85%+ of our codebase is in the free core CRM. CRM Extensions are just there for those who need additional functionality.

  4. Hi ,
    I am Checkout form custom fields are not synchronizing with CRM …
    I am adding some custom fields in checkout form like employment_status
    but custom fields are not sync…

    1. Thanks for clarifying, as stated we do not (currently) support checkout custom fields into ZBS CRM. We’ve added this to our feature tracker though!

  5. Can you customize access to certain fields? For example, say I have a set of contacts that I want our team to know and we track SSN, can I make it so only a certain group of users can see that SSN field?

  6. Do you have math functionality? For example, if I have an age field, can I say give me the average age of the customers in Texas?

    Or if I have a field that has fingers on left hand and another field with fingers on right hand, could I have a math field that is total number of fingers and that equals the sum of the first two?

    1. Hi,

      We don’t have that feature yet, but it’s a good idea so I’ve added this to our feature request logging system. We’ll let you know if and when we get that added for you. For now you’d need to write something custom here if you’d like to get math from fields.

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