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How to set up your Gravity Form

We’ve had a lot of requests for a Gravity Forms extension. We have now written this and here’s how to create a Gravity Form which sends the data to your Zero BS CRM.

Your Zero BS CRM must be installed and activated on the same WordPress install as your Gravity Form.  We have simplified the Zero BS CRM extension and now the ‘advanced’ part of this documentation.

Required Fields

At minimum, the name and email fields are required. It’s recommended to capture first name and last name. For Gravity Forms, to add these fields use the Advanced Fields area of the Gravity Forms Form creator as shown below.

Choose Name, and also Email.

Storing the Contacts Name

When choosing the Gravity Forms Name field you can decide which parts of the name to collect (including prefix) as shown below. Zero BS CRM does not support suffix, but does support prefix.

You do not need to add any admin field labels to the standard fields of Name and Address when using the above options.


To make sure that Zero BS CRM knows to look at the form submission you MUST add a hidden field with a specific value ‘addtozbs’ as shown below

The other ‘standard’ fields such as Name, Address and Phone Numbers can be added in any location.


If you are finding out your custom fields are not added once following these steps please let us know via hello@zerobscrm.com


Custom fields are stored against customers with a specific ‘indexation’. This is so users of ZBS CRM can be flexible and add as many custom fields are they like.

In the Zero BS CRM Settings page you’ll see a Customers: Custom Fields area. This has a list of your custom fields. Under each custom field you’ll see a slug.

When setting up your Gravity Form with custom fields you need to add an Admin Label to tell Zero BS CRM that the input from this field is something you want to store in the custom field. These are logged as custom-slug-1, custom-slug-2 etc.

So in the above example, in the Admin Label you’d enter website-link

Once you have setup your form entries in Gravity Forms and given them an Admin Field Label under ‘Advanced’ your data will be saved into the custom field.


You can also choose what status of contact your Gravity Form provides, to control this you need to create a Gravity Forms field with Admin Label status and then set this, either via a hidden value, or you could even let your submitter input this.


You can also choose what tags to add to the contacts your Gravity Form provides, to control this you need to create a Gravity Forms field with Admin Label “zbs-tags” and then set this, either via a hidden value, or you could even let your submitter input this.


Zero BS CRM and the Gravity Form Connector extension can be used to store phone numbers too. For this to work you’ll need to have three phone number fields. They are stored in the following order

  1. Home Telephone
  2. Work Telephone
  3. Mobile Telephone

If you’re only wanting to store the 2nd or 3rd phone number type, simply add all three, then set the first (or first and second) to be hidden fields. This will make sure the number is stored in the correct field.


Gravity Forms comes with “Product” fields where you can set price and quantity and if these are present in your Gravity Form, you can tell Zero BS CRM to make an invoice on the back of the form data. This is perfect if you’re running an event and want to capture people’s interest and also exactly what they’re looking for.

Zero BS CRM: Event
Tickets:  [Quantity] * $200   <-- this being a Product Field in Gravity Forms
First Name Last Name: 

Then when submitted, Zero BS CRM will generate an invoice, for the quantity chosen and it will be ready for the contact to pay.

To tell Zero BS CRM to do this, you need to add another hidden field on your form with makezbsinv exactly how the above addtozbs field is described.

Updated on October 14, 2019

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  1. Also, if you published the base field names versus custom field names just so everyone can be sure the labels on the screens in Contacts and Organizations are in fact the actual field names.

  2. I purchased Gravity Forms previously, do you have to also purchase the extension for Gravity Forms to integrate with ZeroBS CRM?

    I tried adding the hidden field as documented and it did not integrate.

  3. Dear Mike,

    How to set up your Gravity Form!

    if I click on “add_to_zbs” (shown in your text “How to set up your Gravity Form”), i get a message that the page does not exist. I suppose this information on separate page is very important. can you fix it plse.

    my best regards

    1. Hi Kurt,

      Where are you clicking ‘add_to_zbs’ sorry?

  4. Hello! For the tags can you use conditional logic for two different tags? If so – how would you set this up? Want it so if they choose a certain option it’ll give them a specific tag

    1. Hi – the tags in ZBS are just from whatever you have in the zbs-tags field on your form – it’s not setup to do conditional tags – if you can send your form setup through to support, we can look at adding an enhancement request for this.

  5. Having issues having checkbox fields syncing from gravity forms to the CRM. I have the correct admin labels and I’ve selected checkboxes in the custom field and put in each label with commas, so not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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