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How to Personalise the Client Portal

You are running the Client Portal, but want to find a way to modify the Dashboard message, perhaps give it a bit of personalisation like Hi, Mike welcome to your dashboard.

The below code example will do that via the dashboard content filter.

Plugin Name: Zero BS CRM Portal Filter Plugin
Plugin URI: https://zerobscrm.com
Description: Zero BS CRM is the simplest CRM for WordPress. Customise the Dashboard welcome message with this plugin.
Version: 1.0
Author: Zero BS CRM
Author URI: https://zerobscrm.com
Text Domain: zero-bs-crm

add_filter('zbs_portal_dashboard_content', 'zeroBS_custom_portal_dashboard_filter');
function zeroBS_custom_portal_dashboard_filter($dashboard){
#} simple check if core active
$uid = get_current_user_id();
$uinfo = get_userdata( $uid );
$cID = zeroBS_getCustomerIDWithEmail($uinfo->user_email);
if($cID > 0){
//again if we have a contact returned, get the meta
$customer_meta = zeroBS_getCustomerMeta($cID);
$dashboard = "<p>";
$dashboard .= "Hello " . $customer_meta['fname'] . ", welcome to your Dashboard";
$dashboard .= "</p>";
return $dashboard;
return $dashboard;

The above will check whether the core is active, and then only modify the dashboard if we have a contact ID linked to the logged in WP user.

Updated on April 15, 2019

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  1. And where exactly should I add that code?

    Is it not problematic to break my site when I just change code in the .php file?

    Thanks for your help –


    1. Hi Thomas,

      You could add this via a Snippet plugin, or if you’re not comfortable adding custom code we might recommend getting developer help (perhaps from a freelance developer), to do this for you. It should be a fairly straight forward job if you’re using code such as the above (depending on what you want to show on the page).

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