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How do I Import WordPress users to Zero BS CRM

By default, Zero BS CRM does not create WordPress users on your website. This is because WordPress users come with privileges. Depending on your default user role your WordPress users will be able to login, maybe publish comments (contribute) or even edit posts (editor, or above).

WordPress Users also have their data stored in wp_usermeta in key value pairs, which make any sort of data work difficult (sort by filter, etc)

With ZBS CRM we didn’t feel the need to have WP users for each contact (it’s extra data after-all) but you may want to have your existing WordPress user table in your CRM. This may be if you have a site where people can register, and then purchase you’re likely to have a number of leads in your CRM as users, who you want to market to.

Importing users

If you’re looking to bring in your existing users, you’ll need to first export your users via CSV (using this tool: https://wordpress.org/plugins/export-users-to-csv/) and then import them to Zero BS CRM using our CSV Importer.

Capturing new users

To capture new website sign ups to your CRM you’ll need the WordPress Utilities extension. This automatically adds any new WP user to your Zero BS CRM install.

Capturing new users from external sites

If you want to also capture sign ups to external websites, you can use the API connector to do this. This lets you funnel contacts to your CRM from as many websites as you like. Perfect if you’re running a network of sites but want a central CRM to sell to them from.




Updated on November 19, 2018

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