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Getting your WooCommerce API Key and Secret

The WooSync extension allows you to connect your ZeroBS CRM to your WooCommerce store. Setting up the extension is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Same Site

If you are using WooCommerce and Zero BS CRM on the same WordPress website you do not need to get your API keys and secrets for WooCommerce. It will automatically add and update contacts and orders based on your WooCommerce store activity.

External Site

The first thing to do is enable the API in your WooCommerce settings page and then create a new App. This gives you the following screen


Copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and add them to the Woo Sync tab on the Zero BS CRM settings page as shown below. Once this is added you also need to give the domain where your eCommerce store is hosted (Domain) and then add an Order Prefix.


The Order Pre Fix is very important without this you may miss importing transactions if you have the same order ID.

You should also map your Order Status to customer statuses and the status of the order drives contact status changes. If left unmapped you may import all your customers as Lead status.

Multiple WooCommerce sites

Using the API connector you can connect Multiple WooCommerce stores to a central CRM (without needing to use the API method to your external website).

Updated on November 22, 2018

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