We’ve compiled the frequently asked questions about Google Contact Sync into this handy FAQ ? where else would we put them, ey?

Can it read my emails?

No. The Plugin uses the Google Contacts API to allow you to import customers from your Google Account into your ZBS CRM.

What about people who have emailed me?

You’re talking about Gmail Sync here. This is Google Contacts Sync. We’ve found that using Google Contacts Sync is better for adding contacts (rather than running through your inbox). Why? well your Gmail might be full of things like, holiday booking confirmations, order confirmations, newsletters from (noreply@) type emails.  If you really think having a Gmail ‘contact scraper’ is better than Google Contacts Sync please contact us and let us know why and how you’re planning on using it.

How do I update my Google Contacts using ZBS

Google Contacts Sync is a ONE WAY sync. This means that you ‘import’ your contacts from Google into Zero BS CRM and then manage them from within Zero BS CRM (rather than on Google Contacts). Why isn’t there a TWO WAY sync?

  • It needs even more permissions from your Google Account (write access)
  • You should really be managing your contacts in your CRM (not via Google)

Again, if you feel like there’s a must have need to be able to update Google Contacts following updates to your ZBS CRM contacts, contact us and let us know why (and how you’re planning to use it).

Updated on July 2, 2017

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  1. In response to your comment on why I absolutely need to sync CRM contacts to Google contacts. This is an absolute requirement for me because Google contacts is synced to my mobile phone contacts. When a customer calls, I know exactly who is calling so I can greet my customer by first name. I also have notes to indicate what the customer needs are and also include past order numbers which will display on my phone without opening the CRM app. Any CRM without this feature is a shortcoming. ZeroBS CRM has everything I needed except this one which is a real bummer.

  2. Hi Vu

    Makes sense, we have added this to our feature request list


  3. Hello Mike

    Any news on 2 way sync with Google contacts?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Nick – please contact the helpdesk for questions like this

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