Envato Connect

The Zero BS CRM Envato connect extension lets you import your Sales from Envato.

Customer Limitation

Envato does not show you who purchased your items. Therefore this extension can only bring in transactions to your CRM.

This is useful if you want to see how your sales are doing in our Sales Dashboard extension and include any Envato sales you have made.

Setting up Zero BS CRM: Envato

Like all our extensions, if you need to provide settings a new tab will be present in the settings area of Zero BS CRM

The Envato settings requires your username, your API client ID and secret and the callback URL that is used in the Authentication.

Getting your API keys

First up, you need to be an Author on Envato, and go to your account

This gives you a link to https://build.envato.com where you need to create your Envato App.

Creating your Envato API app

Once you have logged into build.envato.com you can then create the app to connect to your account.

When entering the callback URL you need to make sure it matches your URL of the site where Envato Connect is installed.

Once created, and given the permissions of View and Search Envato Sites and View the user’s items sales history you are given an API secret, copy this down as you need to store it in Zero BS CRM settings.


You’ll also need your client ID (shown below)


Once you have all this information, enter it into the Zero BS CRM settings and hit save. It will then ask you to Authorize Envato.

Once you click this, you are taken to the authorisation page from Envato, grant access and then you can start syncing your data.

The Sync Page is found under the Zero BS CRM header menu, then Tools, then Envato


Updated on November 2, 2018

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