CSV Importer Settings

The CSV Importer for ZBS is built in the spirit of ZBS. It’s settings page is available under Zero BS CRM Settings, in a tab, and consists of a single option:


As you can see the one setting for CSV Importer is “Save Copies of CSV Files”, which we’ll explain here:

Save Copies of CSV Files

When you run a customer import through the CSV Importer for ZBS CRM you can choose to save or discard the uploaded CSV file. If you check this box in the settings then the import engine will store a copy of your file and offer it up from the CSV Importer tab in the Zero BS CRM settings, along with a log of what was imported.

This setting is useful if you’re just getting to grips with Zero BS CRM and you want to keep a trace of imported customers.

If you have no use for the import files after they’ve been added, you can simply untick this box.

Updated on July 2, 2017

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