ConvertKit Connector

Our ConvertKit connector lets you connect your CRM to ConvertKit and have your CRM contacts added to your ConvertKit list.

Integration Extension

Our integration extensions have historically been covered on our blog

Zero BS CRM ConvertKit settings

Once you’ve installed Zero BS CRM: ConvertKit like all other extensions that have settings it will add a tab to your settings account.

You will need to head over to ConvertKit and get your API key from your ConvertKit account.

Once you’ve entered your API key, hit save settings and it will then load in your ConvertKit subscription options as shown below

You can then choose which form you want to add new subscribers to, whether to add them to a sequence or even tag them with a ConvertKit tag.

Zero BS Mail Campaigns

We also have available a powerful, built in email marketing solution, available here:

Add a ConvertKit Tag based on CRM Triggers

With our Automations extension you can create Automations which let you add a tag to your ConvertKit email list.

This is useful when used in combination with tags and when tagging based on the item name purchased (or the item name contains a string). We use this, for example, to be able to tag customers who have purchased ourĀ Entrepreneur bundle (and then ConvertKit will tag them, and you can apply tag based automations at ConvertKit to do additional email marketing based on tags.


Updated on November 2, 2018

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