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Connect Multiple Stores to your CRM

Zero BS CRM API Connector v1.4+

The ability to send WooCommerce data via the API was added in version 1.4 of the API connector

Setting Up

All you need to do to start capturing new orders (and their related customers) to your central CRM is to install and setup the API connector as detailed in the setup guide here.

You’ll need version 1.4+ of the connector but following this all new orders will be posted to your Zero BS CRM API.

Importing Order History

If you need to import your order history from each store into the CRM the only way to do this is to do them one at a time using the WooSync connectors import tool. Here’s how you do this

  1. Install the WooSync extension
  2. Choose external site setup
  3. Enter your external WooCommerce stores API information into WooSync settings (Store 1)
  4. Import your orders from that store (Store 1)
  5. Reset the Sync
  6. Enter new external WooCommerce store API information into WooSync settings (Store 2)
  7. Import your orders from that store (Store 2)
  8. etc

Once you’ve done this though, you can then¬†deactivate WooSync as the API connector will push new WooCommerce orders to your central CRM.

Updated on November 11, 2018

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