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Client Portal Pro: List View and Thumbnail Gallery

From v1.5 of Client Portal Pro you can now show files to your clients in two new ways (on the client portal). These new file views are great for anyone who’s sharing files with their clients as they make the ‘finding the file’ experience much cleaner for the end client, (also now with file Categories!)

Read on to see the three different file views, or click here to view the settings for file views, or here to see the pre-requisites for automatic thumbnail generation, (even from pdfs!)

Client Portal File Views:

There are now three ways to show your clients files via the client portal:

  1. Simple View
  2. List View
  3. Thumbnail Gallery

… Simple view offers a simple list of files:

… List View shows the files (in categories, if present), with thumbnails (where possible)

… and Thumbnail gallery¬†shows the files (in categories, if present) with thumbnails (where possible)


Updated on September 25, 2018

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