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Buttons don’t do anything – jQuery Issue (with other faulty plugins/theme)

If you’re experiencing bugs which seem to affect a lot of your ZBS CRM install, (and perhaps other areas of your WordPress install) – where buttons and other clickable items simply “don’t do anything” – it’s likely that there’s another plugin or theme clashing with Zero BS CRM, stopping it working properly (The Javascript is not firing correctly, which usually means another plugin is incorrectly referencing jQuery – a common javascript library – which effectively “unloads” all of our plugin’s actions (e.g. button clicks)).

Unfortunately we’re not able to fix this, as it’s a badly written plugin or theme in your system.

In this case we recommend you try deactivating each plugin/theme and retest, until you find the culprit. The good thing about doing this is that once you know which is the bad plugin, you’ll also find that removing that will make everything else work better (as we, like many plugin developers, use current best-practices).

If you find that it’s a specific plugin, you can reach out to that plugin’s developer and ask them “Please can you make sure the plugin is correctly loading jQuery via WordPress enqueuement, rather than re-including it”.

Updated on January 1, 2018

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