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Automation Triggers and Actions

What are Automation Triggers

Automation Triggers are the situations which cause an Automation Action to run. Automations are incredibly powerful when used the correct way. They are also an ever-growing collection of triggers and actions (depending on which extensions you use).

Default Triggers

The default triggers that are available in the Automations extension are the following

  • New Contact
  • New Quote
  • New Invoice
  • New Transaction
  • New Company

This means that whenever a new contact (or quote, etc) is added to your CRM, you can trigger automations to do an action for you. This is powerful stuff.

Automation Conditions

Triggers are great, but when combined with a condition then the triggers become really powerful. A condition is something which will prevent the automation from running its action unless the condition is met.

New Contact Conditions

The most popular trigger to run actions on is the new contact trigger. When a contact is added to your CRM you may do a lot of things manually. Automations lets you set up your trigger and condition so you can remove the manual part and do this automatically. The conditions available are

  • Has Status
  • Has Tag
  • Field Contains

This means you can setup an Automation to run an action if a certain condition is met. Lets have a look at how this would work with Field contains

So you can choose any of your contact fields (including custom fields) and set them up so that the automation will run if a condition is met.

For example, I could set up the following automation triggers.

  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then..
  • On new contact, if Country = “India” then… 

This is the start of what an automation is, with conditions (you can do the same with status, and tag), e.g.

  • On new contact, if tagged “VIP” then..
  • On new contact, if status = “Customer” then…

Automation Actions

This is where the bang for the buck hits. You can configure your rules to run on certain scenarios as above, and now it’s time to look at what actions you can take. The default actions are

  • Assign to
    • Choose a CRM Team Member
  • Send email to
    • Site Admin
    • Contact owner
    • Contact
    • Custom email
  • Distribute to
    • CRM Role

Now, this is pretty powerful, when combined with the example above, you can now see how

  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then..   becomes
  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then Assign to “Mike”


  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then send email to the Contact about UK events
  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then send an email to Admin.

What’s even more powerful is you can chain the automations up once you’ve set them up so you can do the following:-

  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then assign to “Mike”
  • On new contact, if Country = “UK” then send email to “Contact owner”

What happens in the above example is that the new contact is assigned to Mike, and then Mike is sent an email about the contact.

Managing Automations

You can set up as many automations as you like and choose the order of them on the Automations page

On that page, you can manage whether the automation is running or not (i.e. the ON / OFF switch) and also the order in which they fire.

The order is important because in the example above, if your first step is to assign to a contact THEN send an email, this won’t work if you have the order as Send Email, then Assign to Contact.

Extensions and Automations

There are extensions which will add additional Automation triggers and actions to the available list. These are growing all the time and the best place to see what is available is through our Automations extension product page.  The following additional automations are available through extensions

Additional Extension Triggers

  • Stripe Event Triggers – coming soon –  (requires Stripe Sync)

Additional Extension Actions

  • Send SMS (if using Twilio Connector)
  • Add ConvertKit tag (if using ConvertKit)
  • Add MailChimp tag (if using MailChimp – coming soon)



Updated on June 6, 2018

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  1. Can you have multiple options in the ‘Field Contains’ box? (i.e. multiple postal codes)
    Trigger: New Contact
    Condition: Field Contains
    Field Contains: Postal Code 12234,34678,67854, etc.

    1. Currently you’d need to make multiple automation rules to achieve this Tim.

  2. Hi, can you have time-based triggers? For example, status goes unchanged for x period of time…

    1. Hi – we do not have status based triggers, but please do submit this as a feature request via the ticket system

  3. Dear Team,
    I want to send multiple email hence can i do so in the automation and if yes then how..

    1. Hi Niraj,

      Right now you’d need to create two automations to do this.

      Please do contact support for questions like this, it’s easiest for us to get back to you there.

  4. Dear Team,
    Also for a contact multiple Automation is not being done..
    Suppose if for the Same Contact I have already created a Tag but after a action on that contact i want to create one more tag, but its not happening

    1. Hi Niraj,

      Please do contact support for questions like this, it’s easiest for us to get back to you there.

  5. Hello,
    I have a critical error with the Automations plugin, it doesnt’t work and it’s the primary reason i have bought the bundle Zero BS CRM. I have opend 2 ticket’s in the last 48 h and i didn’t receive any answers. I don’t know if the tickets where received because i didn’t get anything on my email after submiting. The problems are with distributing leads to customer managers (round robin – distribute to – all the new lead are distributed to everybody) and it doesn’t send emails to the contact owner.
    It’s a fresh wordpress install with very few plugins (only All-in-One WP Migration, Blackhole for Bad Bots and Divi Theme) added because I want Zero CRM to be a standalone on a dedicated domain.

    Who can help me resolving the isues???


    1. Hi – we’ve got the tickets now – when sending multiple it actually resets the order in the queue – you only need to contact us one time – our support turnaround is 24-48 hours to reply to tickets (but as said, sending a follow up treats it as a new)

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