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Adding your first customer

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin you can start adding your customers. The plugin creates a new menu for you to use

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 09.24.27

This new section has all you’ll need to start adding customers and managing your relationship with them (and of course, increasing sales / customer satisfaction on the back of it)

Add New Customer Explained

Adding a new customer is simple, all you need to do is fill in the details. You don’t need to know all the details  to be able to add a customer but the more the better (more on this later). Walking through the fields

Basic Information

  • Status: Customer, Lead, Refused, etc. Use this to mark your customers and give your support team an easy way to know what type of customer they are (and help convert leads to customers etc)
  • Prefix: Mr, Mrs, etc . Sometimes it helps to know the gender of your customer, you can send targeted communications that way. Super simple. Add it if you know it.
  • First Name: Add it if you know it. Used throughout the CRM system.
  • Last Name: Again, useful to store it if you have it.
  • Address: Need to use a physical address at all (perhaps for sending a Christmas Card) then add it.
  • Home Telephone: Easily drop customers a line
  • Work Telephone: Again, useful to know
  • Mobile Telephone: Want to SMS your customers about a new deal? Make sure you have this
  • Email: Definitely keep this stored. Great for email campaigns and the glue which ties together ZeroBS and other tools
  • Notes: Any specific customer notes which are good to refer back to (such as name of their first born child)
  • Source: Where has the customer come from (you can edit these sources in options)

Quotes, Invoices and Transactions

This is useful if you’re billing your customers or quoting them for work. This page shows the quotes and invoices found for this customer (will be none initially) but more on that later.

Other files

Do you need to add anything else for this customer? Such as a scan of a recent utility bill, or a birth certificate. Super easy and super useful.

Tagging your customer


You can add tags to your customers to help group them into smaller subsets. For example you might want to tag people with a VIP tag if they’ve purchased more than $1k with you.

The tags come in useful if you want to then send targeted email campaigns using the Mail Campaign extension.

It’s also used to help quickly filter your customers in the Customer Search page


Updated on June 30, 2017

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